Lookout Hills Farm

Riding lessons from a certified Walking Horse Instructor

Riding Lessons


Private Lessons Only.

We specialize in creating a fun experience for beginner riders using gentle Tennessee Walking Horses. Our lessons include horsemanship-grooming and learning to saddle/bridle the horse as well as riding time.



Private and Semi-Private Lessons.

Intermediate lessons concentrate more on the rider’s skills in controlling the horse and proper riding seat. Intermediate riders can choose from pleasure/trail riding or show preparation. Riders are expected to be able to groom and tack their horses in preparation for the lesson.

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Lesson prices listed under Rate Schedule

No matter what the age, 3 years old or 73 years old, we offer a great riding experience.

RELAXATION: Leave a hectic day behind...relax, connect with a gorgeous 1000# friend. Improve your health.

CHALLENGE/CONFIDENCE: Build confidence as you and your horse improve your skills.

TEACH RESPONSIBILITY: Teach a child responsibility thru care and riding.

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